Custom Built PC
Saturday, September 11, 2004, 09:43 PM
In 2002 after my AS Level Exams I custom built a Computer.

I bought the components from Ebuyer and Scan and bought the case and dvd drive from a computer fair.

Below are the specs of the computer:

Proccesor: AMD Athlon 2000+ XP
Motherboard: Asus A7V333 o/b sound
Graphics: Abit Siluro GeForce 3 TI400
Ram: 256mb DDR Crucial Ram
Hard Drive: 80GB IBM 7600Rpm
Case: Nokia Style Case

After I installed the components I had overclock the RAM as it was failing memtest.This overclocking worked fine until it failed a year later.

The Hard Drive is a long story. The IBM hard drive died after two months of use, I was sent another one a week later which was in fact dead. I then finally received another one which is still going today!!

IBM identified the fault, it was over heating so to be on the safe side I installed a Hard Drive cooler.


I added a further case fan during the hot summer which brought the CPU temp down by 2c.

Later I switched the fans around so one was a intake and the other a exhaust. This was far better and the case and CPU temp dropped a further 3c.

Lastly I added a Ethernet card so I could connect via a router.

2006 August:

During a electrical storm, lightning hit phone lines which charged the phone line which was connected to the router. The router in turn was connected to computer and the spike blew the mobo and CPU. The computers hard drive and ram was salvaged.