Web Server
Monday, October 3, 2005, 10:22 PM
Yes thats right, you are accessing this website and its not hosted on mainframes in some hosting company but actually on a computer in my room. Details are below:

Sep 2005 decided that I could use my old computer as a server to act as web server as well as a machine to download large files while at work.

The specs of the machine:

PIII 600Mhz (Dell Optiplex)
128 Mb RAM
8.1 GB Hard Drive
16mb Matrox Graphics Card

Software on Machine:

Operating System = Windows XP Pro
Web Handler = Apache
Database = MySQL
Mods = PHP, JSP, CGI

The machine is running on LAN behind my Netgear DG84G via a wireless connection. Only port 80 has been given access.

Initial tests show that you do not notice the difference when you load up normal html pages however a large php page shows a massive difference.

Also the upload speed on connection is only 256kb which means at max the speed is 30kbps however with LLU round the corner this may increase to 70kbps.

Remote Desktop Connection

This is a great feature and has allowed me to connect to the computer from work and started downloading episodes and movies from work when no one is using the net. This feature also works from Uni campus so should be great next year with all the restrictions on the uni lan.

Web Cam

Added the Web Cam so it shows the view outside my window. Hoping to add some weather data below and also maybe taking pictures every 30 mins and then a slideshow of the day before. Could be a project for the future?