Reception Logger
Tuesday, July 3, 2007, 02:19 AM
Reception Logger logs the aircraft plotting information picked up by AirNav RadarBox, it then produces:

- Outline file showing your reception
- Googlemap file showing your reception
- Log file regarding aircraft at maximum distance from you.

Example outline file:

The reception logger runs and view all the messages being sent by RadarBox. You can see on the reception logger interface it will display the amount of messages processed.
Let it reach at least 5,000 and then close reception logger go to directory the reception logger is placed in and copy the Outlines folder to your RadarBox 2007 folder.

The first Beta version is ready to download. If you have any problems or feature requests email me back.


AirNav RadarBox
Java 1.5 - You can download this for free from:
Choose Java Runtime Environment (JRE) then choose the Windows Offline Installation, Multi-language.

You will need to restart your pc after installing Java.