Private Pilot License
Sunday, July 26, 2009, 10:20 PM
Below are details of my flights so far in a Cessna 152

Trial Lesson 1
9th May 2009
Time: 1 Hour

My first flight ever was brilliant. I was given a briefing and then tried to taxi (unsuccessfully). Once we reached the runway after holding 5 minutes for aircraft on finals and a Learjet behind us I was told I would be doing the takeoff (well just pushing the yoke back). I took my time and I was careful we used quite a bit of the runway and barely climbed, instructor took control and climbed.

We then went through some basic manoeuvres and the instructor put the aircraft in a climb and then a dive just to show how nimble the aircraft is and safe. A bit nerving at first.

Instructor then did a touch and go at Rochester (see video) and I flew us back to Biggin where I did part of the initial approach. Overall excellent flight and I wanted more. So purchase the flying start (5 hours more)
Rochester Touch and Go

EGKB 091720Z 26006KT 240V320 9999 FEW045 14/02 Q1015
EGKB 091820Z 24004KT 210V270 9999 FEW045 13/03 Q1016

Lesson 2
25th July 2009
Time: 0.8 Hour

This lesson was much more theory based. Talked about secondary affects of yaw and roll and the carburetor. A few small showers in the vincity of the airport meant the takeoff (again done by me this time well) was brilliant. We passed through a one shower and I messed up the trimmer by forgetting which way to push it which made for an intresting few seconds.

We then headed to southend and conducted some excerises before the instructor decided to show me a stall! It was better than expected.
We then headed back and I flew the approach till just above the runway before instructor landed.

EGKB 251620Z 21009KT 9999 -SHRA SCT040 20/13 Q1023
EGKB 251750Z 22010KT 9999 SCT045 20/11 Q1022

Lesson 3
8th August 2009
Time: 0.2 Hour

Aircraft was a C152 and after the start up checks everything seemed normal and we taxyed to 21. I did the takeoff we climbed and everything seemed great. Instructor took control for about 20 seconds during the initial climb and then handed it back to me, 40 seconds later I was asked to turn left and just as I began to roll the engine shuddered and made some weird noises which caused some vibration. (almost similar to when your about to stall a car)

Instructor took control immediately and applied the carb heat and again the shudder and noise occurred. He contacted ATC and asked to come back. I was concerned at this stage though not scared as we began to turn back once again it did the same thing. By this stage we were facing back to the airport and at about 1000ft.

Instructor seemed a bit frantic at this stage and contacted ATC and said runway 29 was better suited. (Doing a proper circuit would be very risky). The next 1 minute or so was pretty scary for me, we quickly lost height to get into the approach for 29 in what was a very late final turn to line up and we past over the threshold doing about 85kts and the instructor landed the plane hard about half way down the runway.

As we left the runway I could see the fire brigade and other airport vehicles coming across to us. Instructor told them it wasn't an emergency and that during his first call he said it wasn't an emergency, I had heard this but people on the ground said there was some crackling however regardless it was needed incase :o.

My gps was on my phone however it didn't get great signal.
GPS Track

EGKB 081650Z 12004KT 080V160 9999 FEW045 22/11 Q1020
EGKB 081720Z 16006KT 140V200 9999 FEW045 21/13 Q1020

Lesson 4
10th October 2009
Time: 1.1 Hour

Back in the air after a bit of break. CFI was intructing in this lesson which was all about trimming and flaps.

One slight issue, the door popped open not long after take off. No biggie though :) Otherwise found it quick to pick up working with the trim and flap changes. Did quite a few circles of Kent before we landed.

Due to the winds we landed and took off from 29. Quite a bit traffic on approach.

EGKB 101520Z 31007KT 270V340 9999 SCT035 17/09 Q1016
EGKB 101620Z 31006KT 9999 SCT045 15/09 Q1017

Lesson 5
7th November 2009
Time: 0.9 Hour

Winter on its way meant it was cold and already getting dark when we got ready to leave. Got a bit delayed in getting off, and we reached the runway it was lit up. I always had wanted a lesson in the dark and this was perfect.

The air was much calmer and there was no bump or movement which was brilliant. As it got darker London, Bluewater and the M25/M20 looked stunning! Not to mention being Guy Fawkes the fireworks started!

The lesson was about straight level flying, which was actually more intresting than it sounds :) Approach and landing was brilliant as it was fully night, was able to taxi all the way down to the end as the airport was now quiet.

Great flight!

My gps was on my phone however it didn't get great signal.
GPS Track

EGKB 071620Z 17005KT 9999 FEW040 07/03 Q0996
EGKB 071720Z 17006KT CAVOK 07/03 Q0995

Lesson 6
3rd April 2010
Time: 1.0 Hour

After such a long break due to the bad weather and other issues it was great to be back in the air. After looking at the weather forecast of heavy rain I was suprised to see sunny skies when I got to biggin hill.

The lesson was a revision of ex6.1 and 6.2. The airport was empty due to the bad weather forecast keeping people away which meant I could do the takeoff. A bit of bumpy flight. Though for the first time we took a southerly route to nearly as far as hastings with the channel in full view!

We returned and a flew the approach which was a stuggle in the wind (check the google file)

GPS Track
GPS Track Google earth

EGKB 031520Z 18010KT 140V210 9999 SCT040 10/02 Q0999
EGKB 031620Z 17007KT 140V200 9999 FEW040 10/03 Q0999