Pocket Surfer 2 Review
Sunday, November 25, 2007, 11:52 PM
Just got my Pocket Surfer - Datawind, and here is some quick shots and link to a video showing its speed.

Expect the full review soon.


The package arrived and it was the same size as mobile package and inside was the Pocker Surfer 2 nicely packed, CD, USB charger and Quick Start guide.

Once you unpack everything you can see the pocket surfer is not too big and the screen is big enough to view. (Comaprission below on size to the N80 and S600i)

View of the Pocket Surfer when opened. The screen still has the protective film.

Lets get on to the main stuff:

Getting Started

Once you click the power button the screen comes to life and connects to the network. The device either connects to Orange or T-Mobile network, depends on configured settings in the device. I live in area where Orange and T-Mobile recption is not great but the device was connected within 20 seconds.

You then need to connect to the internet and this takes a few more seconds. You are then displayed with the homepage which gives you quick links and even your location in google maps using the inbuilt GPS.


Once ready you click the GO button and enter the web address of your choice. There are some links on the main screen to google which you can click as well. I was amazed to find that google loaded up within 3 seconds and google news and bbc news in about 5 seconds.

The text portions were ready very quickly however the pictures took a bit longer. I found from settings that you can turn the picture quaility down and enjoy faster speed which is amazing.

I tested out hotmail, gmail and few other emails sites and they were all very quick.


The GPS function uses google maps to show your location. I feared intially that the Datawind had fitted the device with GPRS cell locator and not actually a full GPS but I was totally wrong. The position came up quickly and was accurate to within 5 metres. This leads me to believe that it used AGPS as well as GPS to get position which is the best around at the moment.

Googlemaps over the air is a bit slow as it sometimes contains a large picture but its bearable and its great being able to view sat images of where you are standing.

Further Testing

I am going to be testing it on the train tommorrow so should get a good indication of the speed, gps location tracking and other features. I will report back with more detail asp.

So far I am very impressed, it does exactly what it says and I can't see leaving it at home on my travels.

Video in Action

Pocket Surfer 2 Startup and BBC