Metar Decoder
Saturday, September 11, 2004, 12:52 AM

Using an internet connection you can acess live metar reports for any airport in the world. They will also be decoded into a easier format.

What is a Metar

A Metar is a weather report from a airport such as:

EGLL 21011KT 180V240 9999 BKN018 BKN250 20/16 Q1012 NOSIG

The report is hard to understand though the decoder will give you this as an output.

Heathrow Airport
Weather Observed 10 April 1550Z
Winds from 210 degrees at 11kts Variable from 180 to 240 degrees
9999 Metres Visibilty
Temperature: 20c Dew Point: 16c Barometer: 1012mb
Sky conditions: Broken at 1800ft Broken at 25000ft

Code Detail

The software is programed using Java and uses the following classes:


Once the 4 letter identifier is inputed the software using http connection loads up the NOAA airport report. (in fact it is a ftp server)

This is then truncated and decoded before outputing the data.

Version 1 --- 25th April
- Http Connection Added

Version 0.3 --- 17th April
- GUI Added

Version 0.2--- 17th April
- CAVOK IF Statement added
- QNH below 1000mb added
- Added Scattered
- Gusting winds Added
- Variable Winds Added

Version 0.1--- 16th April
- Basic Handling of Metar e.g following set of rules
- Update metar using sample file
- Using old reading techqniqies

You can Download it Here

It is free software and has been released under GNU/GPL license

Lines of Code 1800