Monday, August 11, 2008, 12:45 AM
Second Year Computer Science Project was based around a Java Chat software.

I was placed on the server side. Overall the project went great and below is screenshot of the GUI. (click to get better picture)

I was the main developer for the server required and therefore I learnt a lot about Threads and Synchronization.

Example code:

* send the whisper message
* @param nickname the client which the message will send to
* @param message the message will be send out
* @param from the person who send the message
public static void sendWhisper(String nickname, String message, String from) {
// Sends whisper method
System.out.println("Sending Whisper from " + from + " -> " + nickname);
Client c = getClient(nickname);
c.sendMessage("msg(" + from + ",w," + message + ")");


You can download the class and source files for the server from