Tuesday, May 29, 2007, 03:01 AM
Automated Generation of Football Commentaries

The application in action on a laptop

Aim of Project:

Robocup is a competition for simulated and robotic football where the players are controlled using AI programs. The aim of this project will be to automatically generate commentaries for Robocup games, and play these alongside the game in real time using speech synthesis.

The project would consist of (1) reviewing the small amount of existing work in this area) (2) developing a program and (3) evaluating the success of the program.

The corpus (Project in full Code, Documentation and explanations) can be found below:

Project Wiki
Techincal Report

Download the runnable versions:


Windows/ Unix
Java 1.5
Sound Card
2Ghz P4 Machine or AMD equivalent

Windows Instructions

1.) Download and install freetts & mbrola from link below:
FreeTTS & Mbrola (40mb)

2.) Extract the folder to your hardrive (preferably to the root e.g C:\freetts-1.2.1\)

3.) Download both the server & player and the Goaal Code:

Server and Players (2mb)
Goaal Code (10mb)

4.) Extract the two zips to seperate folders.


- Open the final folder and run WinStart
- Open the start folder and follow the user guide below from step 6 onwards

User Guide

If after running WinStart the application does not appear then open the bat file and make sure the paths to the freetts folder are correct. You may need to change them depending on where you have placed the folder or your drive letter.


As above for downloading and extracting however to run on the unix the following command must be run when in the final folder (actual code folder):

set classpath=$path\freetts.jar;
java -Dmbrola.base=$path\mbrola GUI

NB: The $path value must point to the freetts.jar and mbrola package. It must be there absoulte address.

e.g X:\proj\co600\project\goaaal\Coding\mbrola

Copyright & Usage

While access has been given to the source code / documentation the code remains copyrighted to Akbar Sherwani, Ahsan Mussa , Adrien Martel , Justin Hogg and the University of Kent.

If you would like to use the code or modify the code please contact myself or the university.

Otherwise if you have any issues or questions then do not hesitate to contact me.