AirNav RadarBox
Sunday, June 3, 2007, 04:56 AM
Using AirNav RadarBox I track ADS-B enabled aircraft within 100 miles of London.

Arriving Aircraft:

0-150ft Occasionally for 27R
250-500ft Occasionally for 27L

My Review below which is to be completed (Note I am affiliated with AirNav Systems so there may be some bias):

AirNav RadarBox:

I was eagerly awaiting this product and I certainly wasnít let down when it arrived. Firstly let me a give you a background on what technology the product is based on.

ADS-B Intro

At present 60% flights in Europe are using ADS-B, with the mast majority of these being commercial flights. Therefore being in London I was very excited to see what could be tracked.

The install procedure was very simple due to the USB plug play install; all I had to do was make sure the supplied indoor antenna was put in a good place so it could have a clear view of the sky. My bedroom window sill was sufficient as it pointed towards Heathrow.

Within seconds of loading the software the map filled with aircraft and I was in shock for a few minutes as I could not believe how many I was getting from such a small antenna. I then realised that I could actually see some of the aircraft visually and on the computer screen which was amazing to see.


The hardware amazingly does not require to be powered itself, but can run of the USB power which means itís great to take with your laptop to airports. Itís also small and the aluminium case gives a stylish finish as well as the comfort knowing that it will safe from damage if itís placed in a bag.

The indoor antenna isnít too large and can be kept with you with a laptop. I wasnít expecting much coverage with a indoor antenna however it was able to pickup flights more than 150 miles away.


One of the great features is the destination and departure airport of the aircraft being mentioned on screen. This was brilliant for flights which were at cruising levels as otherwise it was very hard to tell where they were going.

There is also a specific alert function so you can be alerted by a specific flights or aircraft registration.

However the most important feature is the RadarBox network feature. The RadarBox feature allows you to view other RadarBox userís data that they are receiving; hence you get coverage wherever a RadarBox user is. Even though the data is five minutes old due to security its still great to watch incoming flights to your area or even what a flight from takeoff to landing. With more customers purchasing and sharing the network is getting busier in not only Europe but in other exotic places across the world. A customer was sharing from Kuwait and you could track a few cargo and military flights flying in Iraq.

Example picture below, showing network flights across the UK

The filtering in the software is great as well, so you can filter by altitude (descending, ascending), flight id, speed etc.. anything in that list. Also display only mode-s as above in the screeenshot so you can see what else the RadarBox is picking up but not displaying.

Check out more details and the forum at the link below
Forum and more screenshots and details

Or vist the RadarBox Live view in the menu for the latest pic from my computer showing RadarBox runing.