About Me
Friday, September 10, 2004, 11:49 PM


Firstly thanks for visiting. My name is Akbar Sherwani.

The site is a blog on my software development as well aviation and other tech news which is important to myself.

Programming Languages I know:

C# Intermediate Trained on Internship 2006
XSLT Intermediate Trained on Internship 2006
JSP/Servlets Advanced Trained on Placement 2005
Java Advanced Studied at University 2003
C Beginner Studied at University 2003
Haskell Intermediate Studied at University 2003
PHP Advanced (through personal study 2001)
Visual Basic Beginner Studied at College 2001
SQL Intermediate (through personal study 2001)


My development projects are in the menu on the right however I am especially proud of the projects below:


Fsimzone or Flight Sim Zone as it once known was started in July 2000
and is based on Flight simulation Downloads and Aviation News. Since 2000 the site has gone through various changes in coding, design and server changes. I was able to evolve the site with my development skills from HTML to PHP and finally to be linked with SQL Databases. This was the first site I created and my first step in coding at the age of 16 after my GCSEs.

It now receives on average 2,400 unique visitors per day which is a visitor every 30 seconds. (So much so that it needs a dedicated server) Furthermore its recognised by Microsoft as a key site for FS Development.

Emirates Virtual Roster & Login System

Emirates Virtual was started in December 2001 and this led to me learn PHP and SQL via tutorials on the Internet and personal study.

The site contained a login system including saving of form data and also including integration of FS ACARS. The site was totally built from scratch with no prior PHP or SQL knowledge. At its peak in 2003 it had over 500 members and I was officially recognised by Emirates Airlines and given permission to use its trademark logo.

However the site relied heavily on the user management and due to starting University and nobody to take on the site, Emirates Virtual now lies dormant. However I still to this day 4 years on check the code as I am still amazed it works and follows programming principles (even though I was only 17 at the time).

Automated Generation of Football Commentaries

Gooal as its known for short was my final year group project at University of Kent. The group consisted of three other students who had each completed a placement at major companies and had a thorough knowledge of programming.

The project pushed my Java skills to limit as well as my communication and time management skills. I produced some classes of code which were never produced before in term of automated commentary.
(Detailed information under Gooaal in projects)

Me and my groups hard work paid off and I was awarded the Best Project Prize.

Project Prize

AirNav Live

The website had a couple of goals to provide a quick and easy tracking service of aircraft on the Internet using google maps.
This put my PHP & SQL experience to test as I needed to create code which was quick and reliable under high load.

Furthermore I intregrated it with Google Earth Beta and it now attracts 4,000 unique visitors daily. Have a look below: